Vegemite Portion Controlled 4.32KG (4.8GX90) (6)

Vegemite Portion Controlled 4.32KG (4.8GX90) (6)


If Britain gifted the world with Marmalade and Wimbledon, then Australia returned serve with the salty, black majesty that is VEGEMITE. Rich in vitamins, it’s an addictively delicious spread, that helps ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ go all day long.


Made In Australia

Serving Size 4.8G

Serves Per Pack 90

Cost Per Serve 18c

An icon and Australia’s Number 1 yeast spread

A heritage of over 90 years

Ideal for Vegetarians on taste and nutrition

Great alternative to higher fat spreads

A nutritious spread rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and Folate