Selesta Italian Pizza Sauce 4.1KG A12 (3)

Selesta Italian Pizza Sauce 4.1KG A12 (3)


Fresh, ripened, red tomatoes crushed to a sauce with the addition of herbs and spices ready to add to any pizza base. If stored into a sealed container under refrigeration it will last 2 days stored for your convenience.


Tomato topping made from fresh, perfectly ripe tomatoes of selected varieties using an advanced processing technique. Ready to use, with a creamy, velvety texture and the typical taste of fresh tomato.



 - The tomatoes are processed when fresh during peak season (August-September) when the  tomatoes are at their ripest.


 - 100% Italian tomatoes (Emilia Romagna region) certified


 - Tomatoes processed within 12 hours of picking: with a fast method and without interruptions to guarantee the right colour and fresh taste.


 - Quality certification: Pizza sauce has been awarded by the Emilia Romagna region the important CONTROLLED QUALITY mark which is only given to products made in accordance with strict Guidelines for Integrated Production. These are superior quality crushed tomatoes.