Sandhurst Balsamic Vinegar 5L (2)

Sandhurst Balsamic Vinegar 5L (2)


100% Modena Original Balsamic used extensively for salads and reductions.


Best Uses for Balsamic Vinegar

1. Start a Sauce

Balsamic shines in sauces like barbecue. The balsamic vinegar balances out the sweetness of brown sugars giving it a nice tang. Mix balsamic into marinara sauce at the end of cooking.

2. Make a Cocktail

Try it in every drink from sangria to an old fashioned to a bellini! It’s often best when mixed with bourbon, the balsamic vinegar gives these drinks a light acidity & floral taste. For a non-alcoholic take, add a few drops to soda water or lemonade. 

3. Add to Dipping Oils

Create your own appetizer at home by adding balsamic vinegar & Italian spices to olive oil and serving with a few slices of warm, crusty bread. 

4. Baked Fruit

Stone fruit or berries are our personal favorite for using balsamic vinegar on baked fruit. Drizzle over top at the end of baking. 

5. Swirl in Soup

Perfect as a tasty garnish when swirled in your favorite soup before serving, balsamic can also be added to stews for a bold flavor.

6. Braise Meat

When braising meats, especially pork, balsamic vinegar adds a rich robust flavor to the meat. Before serving, reduce any braising liquid to serve over smashed potatoes or seasoned rice.

7. Drizzle over Roasted Vegetables

Balsamic glaze makes a perfect finishing drizzle for brussels sprouts, asparagus, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant and green beans.

8. Mix in Yogurt

Start with a bowl of plain greek yogurt and mix in balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. Toppings like nuts, dried fruit, and granola are optional.

9. Serve on Sweets

Aged balsamic vinegar has a surprising sweetness that pairs well with desserts. The acidity of the vinegar really brings out the sweet flavor notes of ice cream, tarts, fruits, and even brownies!

10. Whip up a Marinade

Up the flavor of your meats, especially chicken, when adding balsamic to your marinade. Salmon loves to be coated with a balsamic glaze, too!