Inghams Diced Roasted Chicken Meat (G/F)  1KG (6)

Inghams Diced Roasted Chicken Meat (G/F) 1KG (6)

SKU: I0009810

ngham’s  Diced Roast Chicken Meat Free Flow 1kg  – Gluten Free

Made from 100 per cent Australian chicken, Ingham’s Roasted Chicken Meat is already fully cooked and cut – eliminating the food safety risks associated with raw chicken, and removing the need to waste time and effort cooking and preparing it for serving.

Produced according to strict hygiene regulations, Ingham’s Roasted Chicken Meat comes individually quick frozen, packaged in convenient resealable zipfresh bags so you use only what you need and freeze the rest until required.

It contains no artificial colours or added preservatives and is gluten free too. And of course it tastes great served either hot or cold!

Ingham’s Roasted Chicken Meat is quick and easy to prepare: just thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or even use frozen – the product will defrost quickly, keeping the sandwich, roll or salad in which it is used fresh and cool.