Helens Breakfast (Bacon & Egg) Tart 150G (6)

Helens Breakfast (Bacon & Egg) Tart 150G (6)


Pack $23.15

6 Tarts, $3.85 per Tart

Carton $231.50

10 Packs, 60 Tarts, $3.85 per Tart


Vine-ripened tomato, tasty bacon and a whole freshly cracked egg, layered with diced onion and tasty cheese. Perfect for breakfast on the go.


  • Code:fmp34
  • Weight:150gm each approx.
  • Pack size:6 units per carton
  • Shelf-life:5-7 days chilled, 10mths frozen
  • Storage:4oC chilled, -18oC frozen