Harvest Choice Straight Cut Chip 13mm 15KG (3X5KG)

Harvest Choice Straight Cut Chip 13mm 15KG (3X5KG)


This is our most popular product, comes in a 5kg nd is the ideal fish shop style chip.

With superior taste and unrivaled crispness, this product is ideal for customers who want to take their meal home and expect it to taste the same as if it had just come out of the fryer.

The more traditional thicker cut ensures greater heat retention in the product and less oil take-up.

We aim to achieve a more even cook with this product, thus minimizing the prospect of burning or discoloured product.

Features & Benefits
• Cost effective• Quick and easy to prepare
• Ideal for pubs, clubs, bistros and take aways, Sports Canteens and Food Vans
• Individually quick frozen for convenience