Golden Circle Pineapple Thins in Syrup 3.2KG A10 (3)

Golden Circle Pineapple Thins in Syrup 3.2KG A10 (3)

SKU: GC480064

olden Circle Pineapple Thins In Syrup A10/3.2kg

Golden Circle is known for producing sweet pineapples, with firm, tasty flesh and their quality is undeniable.We can slice them thin due to the integrity of the pineapple’s flesh, guaranteeing a minimum of 40 slices per can. Holding their shape during frying, they make the perfect ingredient for the ultimate burger build and a superb choice for desserts and in baking.

  • Minimum 40 slices per can, with a 95mm diameter – making it easy to manage cost per serve
  • Made with Australian grown pineapples
  • Versatile and convenient time-saver with applications ranging from burgers to desserts and as a cooking ingredient
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Year-round consistency
  • Convenient and shelf stable


Net Contents / UOM

3.2 KGM

Country of origin Statement Product of Australia

Manufacturer Name Golden Circle Limited

Manufacturer Address 260 Earnshaw Road, Northgate, QLD 4013, Australia

Manufacturer Website

Marketing Message

No Preservatives. No added colours or flavours

Packaging Material


Storage Instructions

Refrigerate unused contents in a sealed non-metallic container and consume within 7 days.


Ingredients: Pineapple (50%), Water, Sugar

Serving Per Pack 40

Serving Size 80.0 GRM

GM Ingredients Used Unspecified

Dietaries Kosher