Franz Rostbratwurst 500G

Franz Rostbratwurst 500G

SKU: F028

German style frying and BBQ sausage, mildly seasoned


Approx 1KG


Product of Australia


Made locally on the Sunshine Coast.


Thüringer Rostbratwurst is a product with centuries of tradition. The oldest known recipe, held at the Weimar State Archives, dates back to 1613. Martin Luther and Goethe both appreciated it, and it was often praised in literature.


Only finely minced pork, beef, or sometimes veal are used to make this sausage, and the spice mixtures that are added vary depending on the recipes and regional characteristics. These sausages are easily distinguished from other German sausages by their low fat content and a distinctive combination of spices and seasonings – salt, pepper, caraway, marjoram, and garlic.

Due to its unique and delicious flavor, Thüringer Rostbratwurst is still very popular in Germany and beyond, and it can be found at most sausage stands in Thuringia.