Filla Large Kebab Bread 14 Pack (10)

Filla Large Kebab Bread 14 Pack (10)

1 box

10 bags / box

14 pieces / bag


Pitta Uses

The uses for Pitta Bread is unlimited. Most of our customers use Pitta Bread for Kebabs, Yeeros, Wraps and Souvlaki. You can also use them for breakfast, snacks and barbecues. Use Pitta Bread as a Pizza Base.

Greek Dish “Souvlaki”

Spread the Pitta lightly with butter or margarine then grill until lightly brown. Slice tomato, lettuce and onions on Pitta. Add spiced lamb or beef which has been grilled on skewers, salt, pepper and sauce. Roll Pitta and serve.

Breakfast Use

Use Pitta as a base for bacon and eggs, grilled tomato or mushrooms.

Snack Use

Warm or grill Pitta and spread with jam, marmalade, Vegemite, various cheeses or other toppings. Warm or grill Pitta and serve with your favourite dip.