Elegre Red Cooking Wine 15L

Elegre Red Cooking Wine 15L


Elegre Cooking Wine and Fortified Wines

Our wines are available in 15 litre casks of:

  • Red
  • White
  • Tawny Fort (Port)
  • Marsala
  • Apera (available as sweet or dry Sherry).

They are GST free and Wet Tax free, making them available to you through your Foodservice Distributor without requiring a liquor licence, therefore making Elegre Cooking Wine very cost effective compared to using normal wine.

Elegre Cooking Wine is classed as a condiment as it is not a drinking wine. It’s sole purpose is for cooking and marinating. Our cooking wine is produced and manufactured locally with the highest quality Australian grapes.

As per GST Food Guide:

  • Wine
  • Alcoholic = Taxable
  • Cooking (containing salt and marketed as cooking wine) = GST FREE
  • Non-alcoholic, carbonated = Taxable