Dancourt Ginger Crystallised 1KG (10)

Dancourt Ginger Crystallised 1KG (10)


What is it?

This soft, candied form of fresh ginger root lends sparkle, complexity, and texture to all kinds of baked goods.

Don’t have it?

Using ground ginger can add some of the same tingly heat as crystallized, but you don’t get the same chewy texture.

How to choose:

Crystallized ginger comes in many sizes.

Whether you buy quarter-size rounds or chopped or diced crystallized ginger, be sure it’s moist, pliable, and visibly coated with sugar granules.

How to prep:

Because it’s is sticky, crystallized ginger can be frustrating to chop. To make it easier, coat your knife with vegetable oil or cooking spray. Rather than chopping randomly (which can cause clumping), cut it first into thin strips, then cut across the strips for a fine dice.

How to store:

Kept in an airtight container, it will stay moist and fragrant for months.