Cadbury Cafe Blend Drinking Chocolate 1.75kg

Cadbury Cafe Blend Drinking Chocolate 1.75kg


Cadbury Cafe Blend Premium Drinking Chocolate 1.75kg, Whether it’s for an icy cold chocolate milk shake during summer, or a full-flavoured hot chocolate with marshmallows in winter; Cadbury Drinking chocolate is an essential item in every kitchen pantry.You can experience the real chocolate taste of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate.


  • This pack contains 1.75 kg of drinking chocolate.
  • It's suitable for keeping in the tea room or kitchen at home or work.
  • It may contain traces of wheat, milk, sesame seeds, soy and tree nuts.
  • It's delicious as an ice cold chocolate milkshake during summer or as a hot chocolate during winter.



  • Allergens

    Contains milk

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, cocoa powder, starch (maize or tapioca), milk solids, flavour, mineral salt (501)

  • Product Ingredient Warning

    Drinking chocolate contains cocoa solids 21%

  • Storage Instructions

    Store in a cool, dry place