#3 Flat White Paper Bag White, Unstrung (500's)

#3 Flat White Paper Bag White, Unstrung (500's)


Standard paper is uncoated or treated, making it a cost-effective option for packaging food that is pre-wrapped or does not require high liquid or moisture resistance to serve and carry. You can use standard paper bags for serving takeaway pastries, sandwiches, rolls, muffins, cookies and more. You can also use these bags to cover Castaway® RediServe® food trays.


Size: 245 x 200 mm (outer) 230 x 200 mm (inner)
Qty: 500 per bundle
Item: CA-WF03


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Packaged in plastic-wrapped bundles
Paper sourced from sustainable, managed plantations
Recyclable and biodegradable
Uses: pastries, sandwiches, rolls, muffins and cookies